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Crikey your're really blowing through one end in this one

Perhaps you'd like just to get stuck in the same groove for a couple of hours, when you fell asleep listening to a LP and it could not get to the end to activate the auto-return mechanism.

CD's are fine, LP's too but they didn't fit all situations. Pre-recorded cassettes had huge amounts of blank tape at each end with silly noises on them, and the player in the car did not have a reverse direction facility.

So tapes were purchased to record your albums onto so as to play the whole thing nicely, with another great album on the flip side to play after this one has finished. That's fine but sitting the cassette unit on the floor next to the stereo in the home unit/flat destroys all that worth as the rio (metal formworkl) in the concrete has become magnetised and caused the tapes to become distorted and tortured. Not to mention the failure to clean the mechanisms caused the tapes to become chewed and damaged.

Early iTunes repeatedly added album and track information to the beginning of the filename

So after a while it looked like this "" it also forgot information you had painstakingly included in the ID3 tags blanking it out when updating the tags. While that and other library programs managing your tags repeatedly killed them by truncating their length, or failed to list parts of the album required to differentiate it from other parts so you lost what the piece was, especially for classical music. Aria, Aria, Aria, Aria, Aria, Aria, Aria are all different parts, but impossible to play correctly. as they all sort to the top.

Or how about the16gb MP3 player that cannot index 16GB of mp3's but also requires you to store videos, images, lyrics and texts so they only built about 8gb worth of capacity for each index of mp3's and other items, fortunately you can still browse the actual files to play them.

And now after slowly winning everybody over to downloading music iTunes Apple is only going to allow streaming of music. So if your out of range of a network connection you have to resort to those Lp's & CD's or rerecord those tapes for the portable tape player you still have in the log cabin.

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