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That's my bloody phone, right there. Like an optimistic noob, I stuck a whole collection of audio plays, mostly series, into my phone's music folder, each in its own subfolder.

OK, let's listen to Counter Measures. Oh, no Counter Measures tracks (just Track001, Track 01, Track 1, Trackoo2, etc).

Not to worry, there's a Folders view option, and I named the folders CM01, CM02, and so on. OK. Folder view. Hmmm.. Series 01, Series 1, Serries001. WTF? Try Artist. Big Finish, maybe? 'Unknown Artist', 'Leavenworth', 'Ladysmith Black Simon' (I shit you not). Oh look, there's an icon menu. Cue 37 identical pictures of Sylvester McCoy, each with the phrase 'Track.....' under it.

Once you finally get it sorted out (by reconnecting to the PC and *manually* changing all the filenames and deleting the File Properties info), it's ready to go.

Ah. Series 1, Episode 1. Followed by S3 Ep 5??. Oh, the player has 'helpfully started in Shuffle, for my convenience. OK, change to loop folder. S1 Ep 1, followed by S1, Ep1 ad infinitum.

User experience? Google Play 1, User 0. And late for work.

Now, where did I put those cassette copies and my Walkman?

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