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I blame the Tamagotchi generation

You had 2 buttons, and pressing them in various combinations produced different results. None of them documented. Apparently that was part of the "fun".

My car was designed by a Korean who had heard of lots of cool car features, but apparently never driven one (or got to test-drive his creation).

- It has many features, but little control over them. E.g Radio vs. Media volume, inability to permanently disable the sat-nav voice.

- Enabling Traffic alerts gives many, repeated alerts far from my route. It's disabled now. Strangely, I don't miss the traffic alerts from Radio Stoke (receivable all over the UK), or my local radio stations habit of cutting in to play an ad and half of the traffic report.

- Rain Sensing Front Wipers - Don't sense when they need to switch to normal speed.

- Intelligent Stop-and-Go (Engine cut-out while stationary) - More "Random" than "Intelligent".

- Setting Cruise Control is awkward and requires taking your eyes off the road.

- If Lane Departure Warning/Lane Assist is on, it will jerk the steering wheel to one side if it thinks you're not perfectly centred in a lane. It definitely keeps you alert! I can't see how to enable LDW only, so I've switched it off.

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