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"After the last Update I am now getting a popup telling me that I have Unsupported Hardware and your system will miss important security updates."

Easy enough to get around. Couple of ways actually. Easiest for me was to use the Simplix Pack which conveniently doesn't include the checking update that blocks Windows Update for new processors. Also doesn't include all the telemetry updates.

I've been running a "Windows 7 Unsupported" 7th generation Kaby Lake on Windows 7 for nearly a year now. The Gigabyte motherboard I'm using has Windows 7 drivers and even has newer ones on their website.

I can go to Windows Update and see the "Windows is up to date" message. I guess Microsoft decided not to push too hard with this seeing as I'm sure they've been sailing close to class action lawsuit territory after their borderline illegal GWX campaign (which is STILL ongoing, in my opinion).

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