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@AC ...XP era programs that demanded to be ran Admin .

One of the issues with a lot of XP era programs was that they were not following MS guidelines for NT platforms. Often being apps, or games, from Win 9* that had been ported across/tweaked to run in XP (or newer), or simply written by people who hadn't taken into account the differences between the old 9* platform, and NT OSs like XP.

A common issue I've seen with a *lot* of older (or just badly written) programs (utils and legacy games), is when the program has config data (often in .ini files), and they put these in the programs installation dir, rather than where they should be, i.e. under user space (e.g. in AppData, or even Docs).

The programs usually want to open these with write access, but as they are under the protected Program Files area, they need admin rights to do this under XP/Win7 etc..

A simple work around is to install these programs to somewhere that isn't protected, like D:\Apps or D:\Games instead.

Doesn't work with everything, but I've found quite a few old apps or games will stop asking for admin rights after doing this.

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