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Stand in the far queue Winshit 10

I purchased a new Dell in their Boxing Day sale and of course it came with Winshit 10. I have managed to get everything running on Windows 7 except for the video driver which is a tad annoying as it doesn't give me the same video quality as the Winshit 10 driver and the ones that purport to be a Windows 7 ones detects the wrong chipset and fails to install. Thanks AMD/Radeon.

After the last Update I am now getting a popup telling me that I have Unsupported Hardware and your system will miss important security updates. Guess they will not be supporting Windows 7 until 2020. Now I have to Google how to stop this annoying popup from appearing. Thanks MicroPricks. Yes, I would have installed a Linux flavour but Dell in it's infantine stupidity has not released any Linux drivers. Damn shame coz the laptop is fairly well speced and runs faster on a hobbled Windows 7 setup than the WInshit 10 one.

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