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Vinyl tinted glasses

Yeah! Playing Bring It On Home is so much easier on vinyl.

Hold 12" sleeve gently in one hand and slip the inner liner out. Repeat above to extract vinyl and holding the record by the edges carefully examine the paper label to find out which side the required track is on. Holding record in one hand use the other hand to lift lid of record player. Place disc on turntable and commence decontamination routine. (Varies between users but dust and static elimination is usually required.)

Set turntable to required speed and carefully lift record arm off cradle and, squinting in the poor light, try to locate the 2mm wide space between tracks and gingerly place stylus on the record surface. Lift record arm and try again until correct track is found. Close turntable lid and retire to comfy chair for 8 minutes of listening bliss.

The alternative is a remote control for your CD player that has enough buttons on it to look ridiculous be useful.

G**gle this Sony RM-D7M and prepare to be amazed. (It's for a Minidisc player.)

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