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At the time, Flash was very embedded and a safe choice with the only other choice being Java in the browser.

Java in the browser is, and always was a stupid move. Almost exactly the same stupid move as trying to hack together a desktop modal application in a browser using Flash or JavaScript. Flash has never been an embedded or safe choice - commonly found on insecure systems, yes, but never safe.

Java applets disappeared so much quicker than Flash has, so it was a better choice in hindsight.

A choice of stupid A or stupid B still results in a stupid choice.

The main choice was if they did a web based solution (to get more than just WIndows management) or stick with heavy clients needing to be installed. Flash or Java were the only technologies that could have done what they needed to at the time.

The sensible choice would have been a web application. Not an attempt by desktop developers to pretend that trying to replicate a desktop application in a browser is a remotely good idea and in doing so foolishly duplicating everything the browser already had available using custom code - which always fails somewhere. This choice has been available for years: it's nothing new, nothing scary and nothing bad - however it is different to the blinkered mindset of a desktop developer.

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