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Visual Studio 6

Go and find the original VS 6 code.

Add in a DVD worth of proper documentation unlike what's on the MSDN part of your site which shows snippets of code that's untyped (VB)

And REMOVE that blasted SourceSafe which makes the Source repository very unSafe.

And update the installation part of the Visual Studio so that one doesn't need to make a zero byte MSJAVA.DLL file to get the thing working.

You know, I paid good money for Visual Studio 6 and, to me, it's worth a lot more than the current .Net fiasco. If I want to knock up, or edit, a form layout in VB6 it takes seconds. With .Net it can take upto five minutes to get the screen to show the form.

I would love VS6 to be updated with a pure C compiler that stands alone as a C compiler and nothing but a C compiler.

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