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Hmm do I want EPP, ECP or EPP + ECP

Tough call...let me see where the confict is (as above Sound card) fix each of those then after playing whack-a-mole for a few hours, then I'll finally know.

That's not necessarily or entirely Microsoft's fault. IBM should have been smart rather than greedy when they developed Microchannel Architecture. They should have handed it off to an independent industry organization, made sure the initial licensing was cheap, and made their money off chipsets/hardware and consulting services for companies implementing the spec. We'd be on something like MCA v4 now, driver code imbedded in EPROM/flash memory on the expansion cards and system boards, auto-configuration of devices, level-triggeed interrupts, etc. You know, the stuff that took another 10 years or more to finally show up (and some stuff that never has).

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