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DotNet sucks and UWP sucks -> WinAPI rules

Windows used to be a great platform in the 1990s. Visual Studio 6 for C++ and Visual Basic 6 from 1998 - wonderful. Then the illfated DotNet vision fart of Bill Gate started in 1999, and finally released after many delays in 2003 as DotNet 1.1 and C# 1. And now with your DotNet Core 1, 2 and 3 and DotNet Framework 4.x legacy, and Silverlight, and WinForms and WPF and XAML and WinPhone 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 and all incompatible legacy APIs alltogether. And WinRT and UWP, incompatible between Win8.x and 10.

How about going back to WinAPI. You know, back in 1994 you succeeded upgrading the aging Win16API to Win32API. And since 1998, WinAPI basically stayed the same. EU fined you millions for not publishing documentation the proprietary API extension that were used by MS apps in XP and Vista. WinAPI stayed the same. WinAPI is used by 99.99% of all Windows applications. Care about WinAPI and scrap all the other legacy APIs. And revert back to Win7, and scrap all the UWP and MS Store crap.

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