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how about something simple.

Let's say I have a basic, single-user, paid-for, license for Windows 10. Pro, to make my point clearer.

How about I can actually launch a VM using the same license on the guest as on the host? Not having to buy another license, or wondering what I'm doing to contravene MS's arcane licensing restrictions.

Use case is development and security while browsing. Is that really so much to ask for? Mac's OK with that, as long as you're on their hardware. Linux is obviously ok, what's lagging @ Redmond?

I don't envy her job, going out and asking power users, admins and developers where Windows and MS has failed. The list is long and I agree with most of the points made by other posters, topmost the lack of commitment to their own tech stacks. Her blurb about everyone becoming an AI dev and your IDE making suggestions doesn't make me think that she's really cut out to fix anything however. This is cosmetic, fluffy, flavor of the week talk, not indicative that MS is really able to understand where they've been failing and fixing it.

BTW, @Jemma - you're an ass for the attack on her appearance.

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