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This. A trillion times this.

If you try to write a program for Windows' currently touted pseudo-long-term framework, you'll be fekkin' lucky if they don't kill support for it before you've even finished debuggin' the damned thing.

I'm not even a programmer & I've lost count of the number of times MS has changed their minds in mid breath, radically changed course, & left folks in the lurch.

MS claims it wants to ensure backwards compatability, but the 32bit world is still the largest pool to fish from & Win10 is supposed to be dropping support for it. Universal? Only if you're running Win10; it doesn't work on Win7 & only runs on Win8 if you've allowed it to become infested with Win10 cancer.

Dear MS, you want the pain points? Sit down, shut up, & be prepared to listen for a few DECADES worth of examples of MS fucking over the folks that try to write for Windows. Take notes. Take LOTS of notes.

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