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"Yes, it did read well, until you took into consideration reality, like step one, how to actually leave the EU"

Leaving the EU really is easy (without discussing beyond leaving) because the UK can unilaterally do it with absolutely nothing stopping us. As I have pointed out the EU's dictation of terms (money, border, reduced sovereignty) can be completely ignored and not at all complied with and we still have brexit. I am not saying that is or isnt the road to take (I would leave it to the EU to cooperate or not) but the 100% fact is that we dont have to give them anything nor do anything for them and we would still have brexit.

As for the steps beyond brexit the WTO 'doom' has been shown to be empty and wrong. We are members of the WTO and it sets the maximum tariffs we can apply, we can apply any value below that including zero. Removing the EU protectionist tariffs reduces the cost of food in this country automatically as well as other goods blocked by the tariff wall. And it doesnt stop us from trading with the EU but opens the rest of the world. All of that before we look at trade deals.

"what is our desired end state and what is the best way to get there..."

The desire is leave the EU. That is what was voted for. The rest is available for elections to be decided and without EU rules overriding ours (see tariffs as an example).

"Disagree, as I pointed out in another comment, Westminster has a rather long track record of screwing things up."

There is a long track record, and it is because we have existed for a considerable amount of time. in its short life the EU is in multiple self inflicted crises and puts off resolving them.

"I don't see any evidence that Westminster has learnt anything and thus do things differently in future - Brexit or 'fudged' Brexit..."

Again I agree with you. The gov are so desperate to remain regardless of the result of the referendum. Brexit is very important not just in freeing the country from the EU but also to prove to the electorate that they are relevant. Otherwise we are ruled by the 'chosen few' UK and EU and neither you or I or anyone in the UK has any value as a voter. If it doesnt go ahead we may as well forget having elections since our opinion doesnt matter, the electorate being too stupid/uninformed/racist/lesser mortals. Apply that to any political change you, I or anyone believe in.

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