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That's what happens when you get an installed base. At least the variations are kept somewhat under control, since they only maintain iOS compatibility about five years back some of the older combinations like 3.5" and non-retina no longer have to be supported. Until last November it was pretty simple, just three sizes and resolutions to support - 4" (5S/SE) 4.7" (6/6S/7/8) and 5.5" (plus variants)

The X added a fourth, which isn't so bad but they're getting two more this fall so they'll have six to support. Though I suppose that is not much worse than where things stood when the 6 and 6 plus were introduced, and they still supported the 3gs, 4/4S, and 5 giving them a total of five size/resolution combos. At some point developers will probably get a 7th, a smaller SE type form factor with a notch - and it'll be a long wait before they can start dropping the notchless ones.

Makes sense they'd require notch support for all apps pretty soon, given that fall 2018 will be an all-notch lineup.

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