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There was a plan for leave, by the party lead by Farage who actually did all the leg work and finally got us the vote.

Yes, it did read well, until you took into consideration reality, like step one, how to actually leave the EU - we forget that "article 50" wasn't widely known about until quite late in the day, hence why everyone grasped at it rather than ask what is our desired end state and what is the best way to get there...

"Far too short sighted. Return sovereignty to the country where the electorate vote for their government. Even if this gov is a screw up the only thing we really need them to achieve is brexit."

Disagree, as I pointed out in another comment, Westminster has a rather long track record of screwing things up. The trouble is that whilst I agree with Farage that as Westminster signed various EU treaties without the backing of the UK public, the Leave result is a nice mess of Westminster's making and now has to clear up, I don't see any evidence that Westminster has learnt anything and thus do things differently in future - Brexit or 'fudged' Brexit...

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