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And when, during the update process on Ubuntu, does one get to read these release notes?

Oh. you can read the changelog in synaptic (can you do this in the Software Center?) I suppose, but I wasn't explicitly updating the graphics driver, I was just allowing the automatic update process to install the updates that were in the repository. This means it was silent as far as I was aware.

So what do ordinary users do? Freeze the graphics drivers (if they know how to do this) so they don't get updated, and vet every graphics update manually? This will work until a kernel update that requires a new graphics driver module, and then the result will be, again, that the graphics stop working.

And if you do spot it, switching to the legacy driver is not something that is obvious. Graphics drivers are normally in use when you are running normally, so in my experience, it is necessary to stop the GUI, and work in console mode. This is something that is also not obvious.

It's exactly what opponents of Linux complain about, you need to know a lot about what you are doing if you want to run Linux on the desktop with the vendor drivers, and this is why I recommend to non-technical Linux users to use the open-source drivers.

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