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"Why haven't May and her three monkeys published a hard Brexit execution plan, given what was known when they took office?"

I agree 100%. Hard brexit, sort out the laws customs and regulatory changes we want and care about (Not the EU's demands) and anything negotiated is gravy. Instead May keeps going back to the EU asking them to continue negotiating.

"I suspect as others have pointed out they believed their own slogans and thought that the EU would simply let them have the cake and eat it and that actually preparing for a hard Brexit might actually be seen, by Brexiteers, as a lack of faith..."

That is possible. As a leave voter I dont believe they were serious about leave. I think they are looking for leave in name at the most. Maybe they are just too incompetent to manage something as serious as brexit? Whatever the reason it all seems to lead to the same place, making nobody happy.

"Additionally, I doubt any of the hard Brexiteers have a plan other than stick two fingers up and walk away to the nearest pub to down another pint of courage."

See now this is where it is annoying for me as a leave voter. There was a plan for leave, by the party lead by Farage who actually did all the leg work and finally got us the vote. instead we have this imitation doing oh so well (sarc).

"The reasons why there is no "Brexit policy" are wholly down to those currently in office"

100% yes.

"those to whom Brexiteers want to return sovereignty to..."

Far too short sighted. Return sovereignty to the country where the electorate vote for their government. Even if this gov is a screw up the only thing we really need them to achieve is brexit.

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