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As against the minority that voted for the unknown future within an ever deeper union (i.e. united states of europe). It amazes me that a website supposedly created by IT professionals for IT professionals seems to have such a large number of proEU people. Remember it is the EU 'rules' as applied by HM government that means large IT projects like the NHS take billions of pounds and give it to the French (who then gave a few sheckles to the Indians) all of which resulted in bugger all employment for UK IT professionals. EXACTLY this same pattern has happened time and again with ALL major government IT work going abroad and the UK having some of the lowest IT wages outside of China (would have been Bangalore but these days you can earn more in Bangalore as an IT professional than in most of the UK - especially if you are sad enough to remain down in the west country or even now in Cambridge (where the number sounds good but the cost of housing makes it pathetic).

Time to remember, if you are actually any good at all you can ALWAYS find employment where you want and you can ALWAYS get a visa to work there. If you are no good you wont find a job however much you trawl the world (including europe) and unlike the UK you wont just be able to turn up in Germany or Italy and settle to a nice life on indefinite benefits. If you want to travel then why not go and visit the whole wide world where the cultures aren't just ours with a funny accent. Same for your holiday.

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