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If only your observations, of how the current spam system has failed the world, were implemented.

In reality the very failings that everyone wants fixing, will never get fixed, as they generate billions of dollars for businesses and carriers.

And after a lengthy period of holding my friends hand as he detoxed his iphone, which his ex had managed to hack with ease, using an off the shelf app. - I'm predicting a surge in dumb phone ownership. within months of this new messaging protocol coming into use. It's going to be a slavering beast from hell, prettily dressed up as the new shiny thing you must have.

Once upon a time, it was envisaged that humanitie's end would come in one sudden impact, be it a space rock or lots of little impacts from the nuclear arsenals of the world, but it's becoming clear, the end of humanity is arriving in small incremental packets of loathsome botheration.

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