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Any new system should avoid the mistake of email and SMS. You should have to disclose who you are and get whitelisted before a destination will accept a message.

It should not allow obfuscated web links.

It should not allow scripts or any form of executable code.

It should only allow small images. A BIG advantage of SMS is that it's very friendly for bandwidth. In reality Mobile will never have a large amount of bandwidth or cap cheaply. Many mobile operators rely on selling subscriptions that are not used up or voice to subsidise data. Voice on the same network costs Mobile very little (though 4G uses VOIP which is MUCH more expensive on data/bandwidth compared with native GSM/3G voice). Internet data costs mobile operators for upload and download. Any "rich format" messaging successful will be used on WiFi / Tablets / Laptops etc.

Not everyone can afford data or packages with Data. SMS is universal and costs nothing to receive (outside USA anyway). An alternative to Viber, Signal, Skype, QQ, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook etc for messages with text, links and images can only succeed if it has the Whitelisting mechanism mentioned and costs nothing to receive (no data allowance needed or used up) and has a defined near zero cost to send.

Note Tencent's QQ /WeChat etc might even be "bigger" than Facebook, which inflates their statisics!

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