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That could be, but they have a lot of search and ads clients that don't have android, from their having chrome installed on everything, the default consideration of google over any other search engine, and google being default on firefox and safari (both IOS and OSX versions) and the google ad frames on many websites. I agree with you that it would be hard to undermine google's near complete victory in that realm, but if a business came up with a better ad system and people started installing that one on their sites, google could lose some without needing android to be weakened. Meanwhile, android, while it has large market share, has a distinct rival IOS and mini rivals in the mods for phones and the chance that eventually I will find the cheap feature phone I'm looking for. I think google could do a lot more to kill those than they have done, and the fact that they haven't suggests to me that they're pretty much fine with the smaller castle across the street because they know no cannons are going to take aim at their search and ads.

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