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If you're a Fedora fanboi, this latest release might break your heart a little

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smells a lot like Ubuntu, looks a lot like Unity.

Unless it comes with Mate I'm not even going to download the thing - I don't like using rpm packages anyway, tried/tested CentOS and wasn't all that impressed with it. I got used to dpkg/apt a long time ago and I can stick with it.

But at least the screenshots weren't all "2D FLATSO". I appreciate THAT much.

Ubu has non-free packages. I guess this may have driven RH to do the same.

But I believe in "true freedom" so I welcome the [mis-named] "non-free" package repo, particularly when it's 'non-free' as defined by STALLMAN and his hippie/commie fanbois. Stallman's fascist approach to GPL is not relevant any more. Who _CARES_ if the 'GNU List' of "approval" doesn't include Fedora? What matters is what the users/customers think.

And right now, RH "gets it". Well, minus the whole systemd and gome-3-ness...

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