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This is news?

I could swear that Fedora has offered the option of adding 3rd party repos during installation for awhile. Is it just that these now have a home inside the project like EPEL? Including binary graphics drivers for NV doesn't seem controversial, since proprietary firmware has shipped as part of the main distro for years. Did something change in NV's attitude towards redistribution?

Finally, as a sysadmin who has run big farms of RHEL servers since v2 (numbered in the 1,000s), I'm don't think that having Fedora on my desktop would have any advantage over an Ubuntu LTS. I know, because I worked that way for many years. In fact, using CentOS or RHEL itself would probably make more sense, if I didn't already have my own VM garden running every version that lives in the DC -- managed using virt-manager because I find Boxes default to creating disk images under my $HOME suboptimal.

Desktop Linux makes for a great non-Windows developer workstation, particularly with the new open source tools from MS like VS Code, Powershell and dotNet Core, but there really isn't much that differentiates them: unless you're talking about the latest Ubuntu MATE with high dpi support :-)

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