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Technically this can be done securely - make a purchase from any computer (that you find convenient to browse/do research) while signed in with Google account but approve the payment from a "secure" mobile device linked to the same account. Apple has the advantage of providing now both iOS and macOS devices that have all the necessary hardware built in, but technically this increases the risk of fraudulent transaction (more devices with your payment information) no matter how secure the base system was. BTW, Google had the desktop version for years (Google Wallet?) or was it just PayPal alternative? I recall using it like once (way back) and didn't bother to update any of my info (or worse yet, link it my disposable Google account linked to just as disposable - and by now expired - gifted prepaid CC). I do use Apple Pay but I have no particular urge to have all my web activity and purchases tracked by Google or MS (sure as hell the'd like me to sign in to Windows with their account, use Edge and their crap Store).

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