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Google and android

"Of Google's dozen, or more, monopolies in online markets and services, Android is one of the most significant."

I'd argue that search and ads, and arguably gmail, is their major thing, and that google will live or die on it. Android's nice, but it's further down the list with maps, docs, and cloud. Stuff that's important, but not critical.

"Over 80 per cent of the world's phones run Android, and it is estimated more than two billion Android devices are in active use every month globally."

Can't we find a better system for cheap phones? Really. I've been trying to find a straightforward feature phone for my father that has good battery life and can make calls, and the ones I'm finding that aren't used or nailed into a contract cost more than $50. I can get a pretty crappy android phone for that that will do a lot more. Why can't we make cheaper phones?

"And on Android, 19 of the top 25 apps downloaded more than one billion times are Google's own apps."

Well then, stop putting them on my phone. Do you know how frequently I use street view? Zero times. That's how often. Why is there a street view icon in my apps list. That wasn't there when I bought this phone, and I certainly didn't ask for it.

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