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Here in the states I use apple pay whenever I can. It's great when it works, but the incumbent players have been fighting tooth an nail to keep them out. Android/Google Pay is in the same boat.

While people can make some fair arguments about the risk of letting an aggressive monopolist dominate another market, the established players here just want to maintain the status quo. The big credit card/payment networks have a far to cozy relationship with the merchant banks and the POS vendors and installers. Big chains in the US drag their heels for decades to avoid updating their terminals, and in the case of Target, after their breech installed non-upgradeable terminals that would not support mobile payments.

Instead they are propping up an insecure, slow, and archaic system the Europe left behind years ago, mainly because of the fees that they can tack on. It's 2018, transaction fees shouldn't be more than a nickel on small transactions.

Instead, i've seen the POS weasels pushing out new firmware that interferes with phone payments by adding unneeded nag screens, and in some cases actually asking for a pin code on the terminal. Where exactly is that going to go?

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