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Usually I find BOFH amusing but somewhat exaggerated.

Not this one. I have the displeasure of having to deal frequently with a company with a three letter abbreviation and this story is, if anything, an understatement of how truly and utterly awful it is. I cannot describe the waves of depression that sweep over me when realising that I'm going to have to go on their web site. The endless going round in circles, the impossible-to-tell-apart two levels of engagement. The same damn problem every year which buggers up a licence renewal and which can only be fixed by me emailing a specific named person in the US and asking them to pretty-please sort it out yet again.

I once, and I kid you not, had to raise a support request to resolve the fact that I could not raise a support request. Turned out that they had changed their policies and I had to go to a specific level of engagement and tick a box on a specific page to indicate acceptance. No prior indication of this (no emails or calls) and the failure when trying to raise a support request was just for the page to be blank. Took thee days to sort it out and, at one point I got passed by phone from person to person until I ended up back at the original person.

I need a drink.

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