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IT systems still in limbo as departments await Brexit policy – MPs

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Is anyone surprised? What is the brexit policy? This fairly simple situation has been turned into a mess.

If it wasnt for the desperation to remain regardless of what it is called this would be clear. We voted brexit, the EU dictated terms to negotiate with them, they were unacceptable terms and so we have nothing to discuss unless the EU changes its mind, hard brexit, there is the policy.

Unfortunately May stuck her nose in and tried to insist the EU come back to negotiate by agreeing to some money depending on a successful trade deal. So we have an EU still making demands we dont agree with, the obvious route of hard brexit and the ongoing mess that is desperation to remain.

I expect some people will blame leave voters for this lack of clarity somehow but if they just got on with the referendum result this would not be a question of brexit policy.

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