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Technically it's not LFS, no.

But "I run [...] my own toolchain setup" is LFS in all but name, isn't it really?

Unless of course you factor in the whole "its binary incompatible with linux distros" which is a bit unclear, really.

Do you differentiate between linux and GNU/linux?

If not then do you mean it is binary incompatible with the kernel - in which case, wtf, how does it even work? If so, in what way is it binary incompatible with the GNU aspect and how on earth do you manage to keep up with every update to ls, cp, mv, etc.? That's gotta be a nightmare to maintain!

FreeBSD is 'binary incompatible' with linux and yet it can still run unmodified linux binaries without virtualisation or even emulation per se - are you doing something similar?

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