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If you're a Fedora fanboi, this latest release might break your heart a little


Does this mean the distro is no longer condescending ?

It may have been Fedora, or it may have been Ubuntu I can't recall but around 5 years ago I thought to myself, well, it's been a while let me install Linux onto a spare partition.

After trying to install gfx drivers via the desktop install tool, I promptly deleted it and haven't tried a desktop linux again. I was outraged at the Linux distribution telling me how I was a bad person because I wasn't installing free stuff! Screw that, *I* made the choice to install the distribution and *I* make the choice to install what I want. How dare some drooling zealot chastise me for thinking otherwise.

On the server side it's great - I have a SuSE distro on my little micro server and I first used slackware way back in '93. Looks like in 25 years the idealogical zealots are still out in force - or just maybe, just maybe they are now realising that all they are doing is preaching to the converted and finally getting with it. Good luck and we'll see where it goes.

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