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E-v-e-r-y ... s-i-n-g-l-e ... t-i-m-e, for over a decade, Linux lets me down.

Ah yes, the inevitable "I tried Linux and it wrecked my computer, burned down my house, neutered my dog, and left town with my wife" guy.

I did a fresh Linux install yesterday. It took fifteen minutes, including updates and disabling Caps Lock. It's rock solid stable, has everything I need on a daily basis, and has a UI that is completely free of the Win 10 mess. By which I mean it's essentially like Windows XP, VISTA, 7 etc.

My computers get updated more or less daily without incident, don't break things, and don't demand a reboot every time.

For the vast majority of people with the vast majority of hardware a move to Linux will be fast, safe, and painless. Unless there's a specific application that you need - accounting, Photoshop (Web based now, does it even it need Windows?), gaming, there is no reason whatsoever for most people to stick with windows.

And, as I speak, Win 10 has translated half the programs on my wife's computer to Slovak language instead of English. I dread trying to fix that mess.

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