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"especially in the startup markets"

Some startups are expensive to bootstrap anyway, and if you want to have a good chance to become successful, you have to start the right way. I'm not against free software, I'm against the idea that something is the best just because it's free. That's a dangerous assumption, if you don't understand the ramification, and the impact it will have on building and sustaining your business.

It's IMHO pretty stupid, for example, to start a company with fancy and expensive furniture, thinking you can save on actual tools and the like. Sure, it could be a con man way to lure in investments, and deliver little or nothing.

Finding that you've got the wrong tools, and having to retool in the middle of a project, can be far more expensive than starting with the right tools from the beginning, even if it costed more.

If you're startupping and you don't have the money for the right tools, probably you planned it wrong - and most startup fails for many reasons including this one.

You don't choose Linux or any other open source tool just "because they're free" (but greed is often a powerful driver...). You choose them if they deliver what you need - at least in a fully acceptable way.

I'm not against GIMP - but the idea it is a full alternative to Photoshop is laughable, and just shows a lack of understanding of the graphics business.

It's this attitude that keeps Linux away from many desktops, and I'd really like to see more alternatives - even non free ones - to Windows and macOS applications.

Just I won't ever cripple my business to assert a faith in a business model as long as it doesn't fit mine.

The turn Windows took under Nadella could be a great trust for Linux adoption - but it needs applications that can FULLY compete with Windows/macOS ones.

Being free, is not enough, I'm sorry, maybe you're monks and live of river waters and woods fruits and roots, I'm not and I like good profits and a comfortable life... I ask good money for my work, and I'm OK to pay others as well.

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