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BOFH: But I did log in to the portal, Dave

Douchus McBagg

not limited to their support site. the driver installation is a page from the same book of self torture.

best just extract the inf and sys files and let windows splat them in itself.

no need for:-

*device* management software

*device* monitoring software

*device* user experience enhancement softare

*device* update software

*vendor* device update management software

*device* reporting software

*vendor* support assist software

honestly. cut all this crap, and cut the download from the gigs clogging up my MPLS, to the 60kB we all know it actually is, and free up the extra 10% server cpu time burnt with all of the "Support Processes" removed from the equation.

its like install one tiny peripheral, and your whole machine's purpose for being becomes just a life support system for that one device's existence and operation. "would anyone like any toast?"

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