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Password Manager?

I seem to have potentially conflicting requirements,

Long complex password

Entered automatically (to avoid having to read and input a long random string)

Password store not vulnerable

Available across all platforms (3 OS types minimum, that is Android, Windows, Linux) and fully synchronised

Can be used on machines owned by trusted friends (I do a small amount of free maintenance)

This implies that it must be on each device - I have {counts} at least 11 devices I use fairly regularly. Howevet this implies storing the passwords on the Internet to form a single target.

What would be good would be a secure device I could carry with me which could interface with any of the target devices. However not all devices have a working USB port, or bluetooth, or WiFi so I think I would need a (secure) stub on each computer dowloadable from the Internet plus a multi-interface on my security device which can pair with the stub over a range of different connections. This gives me a personal store with some physical security and no global Internet presence. Still vulnerable to flaws/backdoors in the stub plus coercion on me, but the risk seems lower. Anything like this around?

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