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If you're a Fedora fanboi, this latest release might break your heart a little

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The Modules thing just underlines the major problem in the Linux world; too many different ways of distributing software. It sucks, it has always sucked, and no one seems at all interested in fixing that. Modules might help in the RPM world, but what about the DEB world?

It is ludicrous to have a large number of different ways of distributing software on Linux when all the distros ship kernels with identical system calling interfaces. It's like they're saying, "if you can install it, it will run, but don't expect me to help you install it!"

The Python community has made the same mistakes - people are now being actively put off using Python because it's hard to make pip / wheel / whatever installations work on platforms that people actually want to use (Windows, Mac). This is about the only thing keeping Mathworks in business against the onslaught of PyLab et al; their installers work.

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