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GUI is a sore point. Constantly changing the interface from release to release chasing some mythical "user friendly, easy to learn" ideal forgets that existing users have to relearn the UI and find where the hell the settings have moved to this time.

For years I managed to keep the interface stable (more or less Win2k) with the aid of inbuilt customisation options and things like classic shell. However, from 8 onwards M$ have deliberately made this more and more difficult. Which brain dead idiot decided that all title bars should be the same colour? Eventually they relented on that, slightly. You can now make the active title bar the same colour as the task bar. Actually, you can also set the inactive title bar colour if you are willing to use the registry editor to add a new hex key.

Nowadays my big powerful Windoze box is basically a sophisticated games machine (the best computer games still require more than a console). All my "real" computing, except one or two video apps which require the extra grunt, is done on an Intel NUC running linux. In the last 15 years I've never had a significant (OS induced) problem with a linux box and I have a choice of desktops to suit my tastes not the trendy ideas of some spotty nerd in the M$ customer experience development department.

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