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Who cares if it is free? Unless you are an hobbyist with little or no money (maybe after having spent lavishly on hardware beyond your needs...), really, being FREE is very, very low priority when you look for a tool.

You have good point, very good point. When running a business, profit is what really matters, and cost of software is just part of the operation cost.

But there are people who care if it is free, especially in the startup markets and none software specialized markets. Startups with a low starting budget will look at the cost of their business by a lot. Perhaps not photoshop with their now cheaper subscription fee, but other proprietary software license will be reviewed with free alternatives before being purchased. None software specialized markets is obvious. They don't need photoshop or the likes for most of their operation, but they need just that one feature from a software for a day or few more. They will take advantage of the 14/30 days trial and other free alternatives.

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