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Re: Try Linux. - Or DON'T! (My love/hate Linux rant.)

I've been using 'Linux at home for 18 years.

Suse, Mandriva, Ubuntu Archlinux.

The occasional issue - due to poor or impatient choices in Hardware - but mostly it's a joy of total control.

You can't buy the latest GPU or even CPU hot off R&D - the drivers are never up to it. Not the OSS ones 'cause the devs haven't had time (and rarely enough help from the manufacturer), and not the proprietary drivers (if there are any) 'cause the manufacturers couldn't give a monkeys.

The Linux kernel team does an amazing job, and the distros do their best to try to ensure the most amount of hardware is recognised, but even MS mostly relies on the hardware companies, and Apple don't do other hardware than their own curated machines because of the enormous headaches.

As well as having to settle for slightly older hardware to ensure best operation, you also have to research any hardware you intend to buy more closely than you would normally,

You have to accept when you choose to use 'Linux, you are mostly buying things on your own knowledge, up to recently, there was never a little penguin logo on the box guaranteeing compatibility with 'Linux.

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