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As a linux-based alternative to Photoshop Paint...

Jokes aside, GIMP, unluckily, still does too little compared to Photoshop - AFAIK adjustment layers are not implemented yet, CMYK support is not yet adequate for professional work. Can it record actions and replay them? Not long ago it couldn't. When you have a lot of repetitive tasks, it helps a lot.

Nor you can't use the large number of Photoshop plug-ins, many of which are excellent at specific tasks (i.e. noise reduction in photos).

Even low cost alternatives on Windows do better than GIMP, and support Photoshop plug-ins.

Sure, as a free application for a few images to be used only on-screen, GIMP works, with some limitations. For many professional tasks, especially those that require a printed image, GIMP is still not a solution.

Maybe it was better to add missing features, instead of wasting time to allow for it being skinned...

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