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It's World (Terrible) Password (Advice) Day!

Squander Two

Some good advice missing from this piece:

Yes, use a handful of real words, but misspell at least one of them.


Capitalise some letters, but never the 1st of each word -- how about the 3rd?


Instead of having a password, memorize a simple password-generation rule which is based on the thing you're logging into.

E.g. "koRrekthoRsbaTtery"+[1st & 3rd letters of app name]+[[number of letters in app name]-2]

which for The Register would give:


This is just as easy to remember as a password while being different for every site or app you use.

Also, a good alternative to random dictionary words is to use the initials of a memorable sentence, which gives utter gibberish that's very easy to remember.

You're welcome.

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