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> Are the more expencive? Well perhaps the inital outlay perhaps.. But surly this TCO thingy should be spared a thought

My colleague has an HP colour laser at home. A full set of toner cartridges costs just shy of £450 (a 3rd party set would be just under £300). It's fine for "business graphics", but like most laser printers, can't print good quality photos. Inkjets may or may not work out having a higher TCO, but the outlay is a lot less "peaky".

> OK I begurdge Ink for Photo Printing, but, even here there exists other better alterinitves then Ink.

If you're not super-picky about quality you can use one of the mail-order services to have your photos printed, and it may well work out cheaper (if you're picky about quality and use someone like Loxley, it won't work out cheaper). There is something about having a fully colour-managed local workflow for printing photos though (this pre-supposes printing photos is "your thing").

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