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Shocking. Lightning strike knocks out neuro patient's brain implant

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Yep, you have absolutely no idea what the outcome of a lightning strike could be anyway. An inch to the left and it might have fried you, implant or no implant.

You can't defend against lightning strikes like that (even the surge protector suggestion is silly... surge protector just don't kick in fast enough or to a high-enough current... they are to stop related *surges* on the local electrical circuits (i.e. hopefully 99.9999% of which goes straight to earth), not 10 million volts straight to the device). I'm sure it'll be covered under their £50k "connected equipment" guarantee, though, you just won't be around to claim it.

To be honest, you're just as likely to die from holding a mobile phone as you plug it in while being (quite literally) struck by lightning.

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