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It may suit you, but I would not buy a printer today that can't print colour, no matter exactly how often I actually need to do that. And you can still buy several inkjets with CIS and bulk ink for the price of a single colour laser and its toner.

For that timw when you need a color pie chart, then there is also a Colour Lazer Printer for that too. For about the other 99.99999% of all your other prints a B&W Lazer Printer is where its at.

Are the more expencive? Well perhaps the inital outlay perhaps.. But surly this TCO thingy should be spared a thought. For all the times when I just need a Hard Copy. NOTHING is as nice as cranking on the Lazer, let it heat up, and just get to work. No wasted Pages, no half drunken Cartridges, just to blody get that single flipping Page you wanted to print. The best part of it after nearly 10+ Years I've only ever burnt about One, and a half Cartridges for my Printer.

I shudder to think how many dried out Ink Carts I would have had to go though in that time. So pray tellme about how expencive Lazer is again?

OK I begurdge Ink for Photo Printing, but, even here there exists other better alterinitves then Ink. But, hay I don't have a PHB who signs off on my Ink Carts PO's. If so I probably would also take the p!55 with it.

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