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Steve Davies 3: "as the error took place when El Gordo was PM then some PPS might decide that some political mileage could be gained by discrediting Labour. No change there then???"

You moron. You utter fucking moron. If they'd hushed it up, you'd be saying "evil Tories hushed it up". When they announce the problem, you're spouting shit that is "evil Tories, just making it public to crap on Saint Gordon the Fiscally Incontinent".

And in any event , do you really think that this is about discrediting a government that is already the most discredited in the past fifty years? FFS, that government are responsible for the Iraq war, and probably well over 100,000 deaths, as well as running up a public sector deficit to guarantee the need for austerity (not that we've actually seen any austerity).

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