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'Computer algo' blamed for 450k UK women failing to receive breast screening invite

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The situation was nasty - involving hpv and familial abuse and that was by no means the worst of it. My rule of thumb is if you've a body part and it can get cancer - you are NEVER too young to get cancer in it. That's the excuse they gave her - you can't have cancer you're too young.

If your girls are offered the vaccine I'd suggest they take it. Personally I'd make it mandatory. It took my partner almost a decade to die, some of it stuck in a hospital bed to the point if I showed her pictures of my parents garden or just pictures around the area she'd be in floods of tears.

Unexplained weight loss, tiredness, back pain, bloating or fainting are signs and if doctors dismiss you get a second, third, fourth opinion..

In teens you have very very little time to act because the sky high hormone levels overdrive the tumour - so what might take 10-15 years in an adult woman takes 10-15 months in a teenage girl.

I've had another idea for said commentard involving testicles - pinky mice and my friendly but always hungry Western Hognose snakes. They're generally adorable little snakes that pretend to be rattlesnakes - but don't get between them and food, they're aggressive feeders and they chew a venom into the food which causes swelling in humans... Cue testicles that could have been used at Trafalgar in the 6 pounders (about apple sized) and (from my experience of finger and hand bites) swell up to the hardness of wood... Not that I'm vicious or anything...

I'm not going to comment on this any more because it's starting to stress me. But just be aware that the symptoms of cancer in teenagers can be diffuse and difficult to pin down, and the No Hope Service are not necessarily your friend in this situation.

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