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Thanks Richard,

I still really haven't recovered from what happened to her, still so very angry about how badly she was mistreated and abused, and the waste of it all. 10 years this September. I wouldn't trust the NHS as far as Prof. Hawking could throw them.

I hope your wife recovers well, there are some herbal preparations that can help with nausea but you need to check them with the consultant - a good one for bruising is Arnica which is readily available (reduces bruising in general and after surgery). I think she's very lucky to have found a good consultant who's inclined to do a proper job..

Ironically I got told for nine MONTHS I didn't have cancer, paid privately, and the dermatologist took less than 3 minutes to refer me to surgery. I've had abuse from my GP surgery for having the affrontery to get a second opinion and to be in charge of my own medication (for what would probably be called a co-morbidity (certainly would be if I went to Saudi)) to the point I changed surgeries and then after the second BCC showed up they cut it out and promptly lost the biopsy accidenteliberately.

Certain people are about to find they're in the process of being sued.

To top it all off I get told categorically, by an experienced GP, that BC Carcinoma CANNOT spread - 3 minutes on Google states a 1% metastatic rate - favourites being lung and brain... That GP has at least 25 years experience..

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