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I fully understand your comments, my wife has had a false NEGATIVE screening in October and repeated false negatives in April, however the surgeon realised that there was something wrong. It turned out that some cancers, even developed cancers do not show up on a screening test. Ultra sound guided biopsies of the right type plus MRI and CTI scans are needed. My wife is now starting her treatment next week.

Please accept my sympathy over your loss.

I am not entirely sure about your proposed prostrate investigation plan for the dumb nut. Surely a suitably heated old fashioned toasting fork should be used for both their examination and possible excision of any offending material.

PS concern was expressed about a possible secondary site in my wife a 'false positive' in wankers nomenclature: a rapidly organised examination showed that the suspect item was not a problem, so treatment can go ahead, in spite of other unconnected existing problems, comorbidities in the jargon.

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