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This is why ...

SWMBO and I have committed to putting everything into a shared (Outlook as it happens) calendar.

(With a local Lightening database for backup).

SWMBO has just (Monday) had a replacement IUD - the last was fitted in 2013, and we set the appointment to chase up for an appointment then. It pinged 6 weeks ago, and we got the appointment letter a week later.

Currently in there are appointments up to 2024.

The great thing about using calendar entries is you can attach documents, forward, rearrange, and filter by category. It's also great for historic data when you need to make benefits claims.

30 years ago I would have evangelised about this, but it's like rolling a stone up hill, so as long as me and mine are sorted (awaits downvotes) that's enough.

Before too many people squeal, it's worth noting that my local Dr and Hospital never report less than 10% DNA, and of the women invited for screening, 29% did not attend.

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