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Nice to hear an un-hypgasm-filled account

VR in general has always been something I don't care about and don't really believe in. For the past three decades, I have walked the graphics card treadmill powered by the late 3Dfx, AMD and Nvidia. I have gone from Voodoo 2 to GeForce GTX 980 Ti, passing through a slew of GeForce cards, Radeon 9800 and HD 5870.

I have witnessed screen sizes go from 14" to 19" CRTs, then TFT from 19" to 28" widescreen. Pixel amounts have gone from 1024 x 768 native, to the monster I have now at 3840 x 2160. I have seen game visuals go from pixellated 3D wireframe to full, lush real-time images that are today better than the game cutscenes we had twenty years ago.

And out comes VR, apparently with the same graphics quality we had twenty years ago, the same in-world limitations of a Super Nintendo, and I'm supposed to forget that because I'm "in" the world ?

When I play Minecraft I'm "in" the world as well. When I play 7 Days you can bet your bum I'm in the world, and ears alert to hear the zombies sneaking up behind me.

VR gives me nothing I don't have already and having a sore neck is not worth the feeble world it offers. The day 7 Days runs in VR in the same resolution and level of realism, then call me. I might give it a try.

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